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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I have to prepay, or leave my bike at the shop, for special order parts?

A: Simply put, we do not have the capability of stocking every item needed for every bike, and in some cases, parts not normally stocked may be needed for a modification or repair.  Too often a customer will request a special item, but never return to have it installed.  To protect ourselves, we require a customer deposit for such special order parts, or for the bike to be left in our care until the parts arrive.

Q: Will my bike be ridden while you guys have it for service?

A: We test ride every bike that we work on, no matter how small or large the service.  We consider the test ride to be an essential part of our work, in that it allows us to be thorough and ensure safe and reliable operation of your motorcycle through verification that all the systems on your motorcycle are functioning properly and that you will have the safe and fun ride you deserve.

Q: What is the typical turn around time?

A: While this generally depends on the service being performed, turn around time can sometimes be affected by parts availability, seasonal workshop backlog, or other circumstances.  For almost all factory-recommended services and maintenance items, appointments are encouraged, and we try our best to have the bike completed and back to you within 24 hours.  Some services can be performed while you wait, provided an appointment is made in advance.  We recommend our Priority Maintenance program to promote substantial savings and "front of the line" status.  Please know that an appointment for a major service is the time your motorcycle will be worked on.  Having your bike here ahead of your appointment time helps to further streamline the service process, greatly reducing the turn around time.  We highly recommend organizing to have your motorcycle here the afternoon before your scheduled appointment.  This allows for the engine to be cool, as required by recommended service procedures.  We even offer a pick-up and drop-off service for your convenience.  Please contact our service department for details.

Q: What does service usually cost?

A: This depends on the service being performed and your motorcycle’s make and model. Get in touch with the service department for quotes, questions, and suggestions.

Q: Can I pick the service tech who works on my bike?

A: We are fortunate to have four excellent factory certified technicians on staff, including three Ducati Master Technicians.  Our mission is to offer work of the highest standards, and to have it performed by the most knowledgeable and talented technicians.  We welcome any requests regarding the work, and we can do our best to accommodate you, but sometimes our schedule requires us to be flexible with who is working on your bike to ensure you get your bike back as quickly as possible. 

Q: Do you stock OEM service parts?

A: Absolutely.  Being a franchised dealership means access to factory parts and accessories, as well as the backing of the factory for all of your service and repair needs.  As an added value, all Ducati OEM parts installed by a Ducati franchised dealership carry with them a 2 year warranty, outside of your motorcycle’s original factory warranty.

Q. Can I provide my own parts?

A. We are happy to work with parts that you provide, although used parts, parts purchased online, etc. may not carry a warranty, may be ill-fitting, or may even be incorrect.  Being a full service shop, we are in the position to provide you, not only with parts, but the information needed to properly choose them, and the ability to help as an intermediary between you and the supplier or manufacturer.

Q. Do you do performance work?

A. Performance work has long been a part of the motorcycle world, allowing each owner to customize their bike to be faster, better handling, and smoother.  We highly encourage performance modifications.  As simple as a set of slip-ons, or as complex as engine blueprinting, performance work is well within the capabilities of our technicians.

Q. Do you do suspension work?

A. Optimizing your suspension setup through adjustments or upgraded components is something we also highly recommend.  Starting with a baseline adjustment is inexpensive, and can drastically improve bike's handling.  We are a Certified Ohlins Service Center, and we also work closely with them to offer you everything from basic suspension set-ups to full suspension overhauls and upgrades.

Q. Can I wait while you work on my bike?

A. For smaller services we can usually perform the work while you wait, provided an appointment is made ahead of time.

Q. How can I expedite my service?

A. Planning in advance and making an appointment around 2 weeks prior to the date of service is a good way to ensure minimal downtime.  Our Priority Maintenance program can not only see to it that your service is expedited, but considering that it's a prepaid maintenance service, it's also a smart way to save a significant amount of money.  Since we live in an area that doesn't lend itself well to year-round riding, we also suggest planning for larger jobs or services over the winter months.

Q. How can I save money servicing my Ducati?

A. As mentioned previously, participation in our Priority Maintenance program can equate to substantial savings, as does following your service intervals and properly maintaining your bike.  Keeping up with us online, following our frequent posts on Facebook, or even stopping by occasionally are also good ways to learn about our occasional specials that we are able to offer on parts and service.

Q. Do you offer pick up and delivery?

A. Not only do we have a van capable of transporting your motorcycle, but we also have a good relationship with local motorcycle-specific towing services, so we can arrange transportation of your bike safely to and from the shop.  Rates vary depending on distance, as does availability.  Please get in touch with our service department for more details.

Q. Can I work with the techs / watch while they work on my bike?

A. We are in the process of developing a program for this, but at this time our insurance regulations do not allow customers to be in the technician area of the service department without a chaperone.  We also prefer to let the technicians focus on the work they are performing, with no distractions.  We are always willing to answer, in detail, any questions you have regarding your service.  We also encourage participation in our weekly Winter Seminars, which occasionally feature Q & A sessions with technicians.

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"Not only did you squeeze me in on a busy day and fix my bike for me under warranty, but got me back to the track in less than an hour...THANKS!!!!!"

-Christopher Cowan, Portland, OR


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